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My objective is not building instruments which suit every client. A unique handcrafted instrument should perform as close as possible to the needs and ideas of the individual musician.

Archtop Guitars

Steelstring Flattop


At the beginning of the building process an intensive dialogue about sound and performance is needed. Finding a common language between builder and client is difficult but nearly always possible. If you ever tried to describe sound with words, you probably know the problem. The well known test-prose in guitar magazines does not help a lot. Listening to an already existing instrument does help to find that common ground.

Technical details like, neck width, scale length etc. are much easier to agree upon. Some musicians are longing for an instrument which combines various elements and sounds in one guitar. Sometimes it is possible, sometimes not. My niche as a small–turnout builder is the fact, that I can offer instruments which are not available on the market. Based on the various examples on this site I can offer an unique, one of a kind guitar, banjo or other string instrument.

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Hamburg, Autumn 2020

Karsten Schnoor